Currently, the numerous motorbike tourers that choose Sardinia are driven by the fame related to its marvelous roads and their landscape value, overcoming the seasonal nature of seaside tourism. Pastori in Moto is from 2017 the international reference for motorbike touring in Sardinia and offers the most extensive and detailed bilingual archive of itineraries dedicated to motorbike travelers.

The goal of responding to this target of tourists is combined with the need to give visibility to local activities often difficult to identify by those who do not live permanently in those areas. To enhance the high quality of the Sardinian cultural, naturalistic and enogastronomic offer, Pastori in Moto created and made available unique and state-of-the-art resources, creating a regional-scale network that involves entities at different levels: hospitality and catering, tour operators, operators in the motorcycling sector (dealers, technical clothing stores, tire shops, workshops, motorcycle clubs), associations and networks of Municipalities, the Department of Tourism, Handicrafts and Commerce of the Sardinia Region.

The heart of the activities of Pastori in Moto are the experiences. Wisely combining Sardinia’s unsurpassed motorbike vocation to adventures in motorbike with a high degree of involvement, culture and genuineness, a great experience is created. Able to leave, on those lucky enough to live it, a memory and often an indelible love.