Hours of Healthy Fellowship and Passion for Motorcycles

The moto camps are also organized to introduce new members and stay together with all the members. It’s a way to get to know each other, to confront each other, spend a few hours together. All this, sharing the passion for the motorbike. But not only that: those who know Pastori in Moto, know how they promote the territory of Sardinia with its landscapes and the cultural and gastronomic offer of the island.

Nights of Taste, Knowledge Sharing and Countryness

Travel over hundreds of miles of curves, ascend the swirling hairpin bends to plateaus or mountain forests, place the tents. Dine together, at the bivouac or enjoying typical local country dishes. And then reach precious natural monuments after a big social dinner under the stars. These are the moto camps of Pastori in Moto.

Motorbike Touring in the name of Freedom

We can leave together, or meet up at the bivouac. We can taste together the typical local delicacies or make do with stove beside the tent. We can chat with the glimmer of the stars with a good glass of wine. We can visit together the multitude of attractions scattered next to the places of bivouac, or individually reach the natural monuments hidden nearby. But whatever the choice, it will be unforgettable and unmissable.


Moto Camps

Nights of taste, knowledge sharing and healthy countriness.