Of course! We will take care of the rental tasks for you. The motorcycle rental will be carried out by partner rental companies, according to your preferences. At your arrival, the bike will be ready to go!


No problem. Tours are customizable. In any case, we relieve you from spending lots of time in searching for restaurants, hotels, paths, etc. You do not even have to worry about tools and spare parts transportation: we will bring your stuff with us. We think our tours are the best (and efficient!) way to make you experience Sardinia, from the point of view of MotoAdventureSardinia.


Yes, of course. Each driver is fully responsible for his own actions, other than for his own bike.
We want you enjoy the tour according to harmony and fellowship principles; the only aim is to enjoy the emotions our land has to offer us


In case of troubles, we will always provide you their best logistical (and psychological ? support. However, the costs of any repair (or transport) will be charged to the pilot.

In order to join the Enduro- or Mixed-type Tours, each driver must be able to face with unforeseen needs such a tyre repair/replacement, or a brake/clutch lever replacement. You won’t need to carry the repair equipment (i.e.: levers, screwdrivers, tools) as we will bring them on a supply bike, car or van.