The Cammini in Moto are bramd new experiences, conceived by Pastori in Moto to enhance the introspective power of the bike, putting the participant in particular emotional contexts that are difficult to replicate, such as the feelings experienced by shepherds along the ancient transhumance or by those who search for themselves by traveling meditative paths. All this along routes of unparalleled emotional and aesthetic value.

The Cammini in Moto are designed to be traveled alone using the GPS tracks provided; along the route are identified possible isolated but safe places for overnight, where to place the tents, or where to sleep in pinnettos (ancient characteristic sheepfolds), sanctuaries, cells or small shelters once used for pastoral servants. Along the possible stages it is also possible to obtain water, timber and food

The Cammini in Moto are the purest and most effective way to experience closely the authentic essence of Sardinia among perfumes, glimpses, silences and sensory encounters that are not describable and difficult to reach.